NEW COLLECTION: Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom has announced that ‘Monster Hunter Rise is out since Friday 26th of March (exclusively on the Nintendo Switch). Following the previous success of Monster Hunter World, the launch trailer of the game already gives a good overview of what players can expect from the game.

Capcom has not stated yet if the game will be released on physical or digital sales. Inspired by the traditional aspects of Japan as the country we all have in mind when it comes to knowledge and traditions, like calligraphy or sumi-e painting (ink wash painting), the MHR collection is made with washed out water-based and digital prints, plus oversize cuts. It offers a comfortable style accessible to everyone with some big and bold graphics and calligraphy. 

The pieces presented from this collection are pure, plain, comfortable and with beautiful electric blue or dark grey tones and some sumi e-style prints on the back. Cuts are regular. Some pieces of the collection are just made for comfy gaming sessions, but keeping a trendy and minimalist touch. Some garments also have some embroideries. One part of the collection counts some accessories. With the Off-white Monster Hunter Rise baseball cap (and its embroidered Kamura village logo), or a very soft and comfortable touch Monster Hunter beanie, this collection also offers the most demanded item for 2021: some sublimated Monster Hunter Rise face masks very breathable and with some soft fabrics. 
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