About lvlp

The lvlp Seal of Quality

The lvlp Seal of Quality

We thrive to offer you the following guarantees on our store

- Well designed, great quality, officially licensed products, at the right price
- A fast delivery service and a responsive customer service team
- Massive amounts of joy

Our Story

Level Up Wear (“lvlp” for friends) was created in 2007 by a group of gamers who was interested in one thing: making cool t-shirts based on our favorite videogames. We wanted to create fully original designs that any videogame fan could wear anywhere, anytime. So we started collaborating with talented artists around the world, and were lucky enough to attract the attention of a few game developers who were crazy enough to be willing to work with us.

Since then, we have had the tremendous chance to grow and create a lot more gear such as custom hoodies, jackets, caps, keychains, bags…and many more. All that based on our favorite franchises in the gaming world.

We now have the immense pleasure to be able to share those creations with you directly thanks to the magic of the interweb. We want levelupwear.com to be the one stop shop for all the great gaming merchandise you can think of. Our store will be home to a carefully curated selection of the coolest gaming gear out there, lvlp-made and otherwise.   

Importantly, we want you, our fellow gamers, to always let us know how we can improve and make this store easier and more fun to browse, and how we can make our collections even more compelling. Your feedback is our mana, so please talk to us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Lastly, it’s just crucial for us to always keep you happy with your orders. Our customer service is there to help you if you have any issues, questions, rants (gamers do that) or even random happy thoughts. Your satisfaction is our health bar.

At lvlp, we love great games, great merchandise, and of course…our fellow gamers.


The Team

Here is a totally SFW list of some of our core team members.

Dimitri van Eetvelde  

One of the members of the OG lvlp team, Dimitri is our licensing & creative expert. He loves going after collaborations on his favorite games and finding new ideas for products. While his creative nature is clearly expressed in real life, don’t talk to him about creating, building or anything like that in videogames. Dimitri was born & raised in the dim-lit arcade rooms of the 1980’s and notoriously loves fighting games, action games and first person shooters, as well as adventure games/RPG’s with a great combat system and a good story – whether they’re Japanese or Western.

Favorite games: Bioshock, The Last of Us, Ninja Gaiden, Metal Gear Solid 1, 3 and V, Halo: Combat Evolved, Street Fighter II, Shenmue, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, God of War, Persona, Dark Souls, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nicolas Gerin

Nicolas is officially lvlp’s sales & marketing guy, but he’s much more than that. He’s also our barista, photographer, and talent finder (a.k.a. cosplay “specialist”). Nick loves doing, and is our daily human dose of caffeine. His natural energy has few limits and is a constant motivator for the team. Gaming-wise, he’s a competitor, as he pours a lot of hours into games like Overwatch, and Counter-Strike and Halo before that. He also loves the good fun of games you can enjoy with friends. He did try to play Bloodborne too, but we won’t tell you how that went.

Favorite gamesThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Halo 2, Metal Gear Solid 2, Overwatch, The Last of Us, Rome: Total War, Broforce, Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball (for work purposes only, of course), Barbie Horse Adventures Series

Felix Van de Wijngaert

Felix is our junior graphic designer and ultimate nerd. He can go on and on about videogames, and about videos about videogames. Every lunch break, Felix tries to show us some of the latest vids he’s seen on Youtube, quite often from his idols videogamedunkey and PewDiePie. He’s really, really passionate about games, but also an avid learner and very focused individual. Not surprisingly, Felix loves games that offer a challenge, a great story, and most importantly a very immersive world. He also enjoys the occasional multiplayer game and some competition…as long as he wins.  

Favorite games: Worms Armageddon, Age of Mythology, Team Fortress 2, Fallout, Europa Universalis, Total War, Overwatch

Denise Rashidi

Denise is our dreamy/sarcastic community manager and customer service wizard. Her love for anime as a kid was what got her into video games. She’d watch all the anime there was in the 90s and play games like Grim Fandango on her uncle’s computer, but at that time she was too young to own a system, so she had to wait until the age of 6 to get a Game Boy Color with her very first own game (Pokémon Silver). That’s what got her hooked to games, as she went on to discover her favorite series Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid. Her love for games and anime kept growing and eventually got her into Cosplay, which is one of her biggest hobbies (she’s very active on Twitter under the moniker @SURUdenise. Her favourite console at the moment is the Nintendo Switch because she loves travelling and it’s an amazing way to play games when you’re on the road.

Favorite Games: Silent Hill 2, MGS 3, Pokémon Silver, Stardew Valley